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Think long and hard about the benefits of having Spectrum Cable & Internet.

We sold this campaign to Time Warner Cable which was bought by Spectrum. Within a few rounds of creative exploration, we earned the confidence of this tough, business-minded client, exposing them to more and more daring ideas until they were comfortable with this odd-angle-look at how a service provider that actually cares about and understands their customers behaves. We won customers not just with facts and claims, but through a story that helps them feel a bit of love for the company.
We got Academy Award-winner Mike Mills to direct, and when it was done, "Bear Daughter," was #1 and Spot of the Day on AdAges Creativity AdCritic site for three straight days, and "Man-eating Westie" and "Son's Future" followed each other to the #1 most viewed spot for a week, but somehow it was "Night Out" that landed in the Top 20 most viewed spots of the year.
Sneaky mullet-heads.