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Moviefone is all about the movies, and so in this ad (which played in Movie Theaters across the country, so I go to actually hear the audience laugh and applaud) we paid homage to the creepy, cursed child genre embodied by "Poltergeist", "The Omen", "The Sixth Sense", and –of course– "The Shining".
Check out the "Extra Credit" tab for the Print and Experiential part of this campaign. Watch it in 4K for maximum effect.

The companion spot was an homage to Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and Star Wars, all rolled into one low-budget mini-Space Opera that indelibly endeared Moviefone to cinefiles, fanboys, and casula pop-culture aficionados alike:

nook > The End
I have long sought an opportunity to tell a story with as few words as possible. The repetition becomes meditative, even yearning, making the reveal all the more profound, for a product that changes not just the way you read, but makes reading social.
There is also a more subtle message about the broader capabilities of the nook implied by the end.

J&R Music/Computer World >
Uniquely NY Since 1971

Spectrum > Consequences
Think long and hard about the consequences of not having Spectrum Cable&Internet.

Charles Schwab > Streetsmart Edge Teaser
These 15-second ads aired across the country, teasing the release of Schwab's incredibly intuitive new trading platform by showing only the reactions of seasoned traders to a glimpse of the software, which was only revealed online.

Cadillac > Dare Greatly
5 TV spots, 5 digital interviews reposition the old American luxury icon as the modern embodiment of Silicone Valley entrepreneurship and New York style.