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This video announced and teased the Moncler MONDOGENIUS show, playing on 22 billboards in Times Square and Shibuya, heralding concerts and collabs with artists and designers across 16 cities. 

The Moncler GENIUS show is your ticket to immersive experiences across the world, most visibly in New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, and Milan. In this video, your ticket becomes a portal through each GENIUS city with glimpses told in its own unique story and visual language of what will be revealed at the actual show.

Imagine the feeling of seeing your work exploding across 22 digital billboards in Times Square.
This is how it felt.

Our idea lead and informed the campaign to promote the Moncler GENIUS show across four agencies, tying together the actual event, the interactive site, social campaign, digital, OOH, and augmented reality.
Fashion is a tough space to do conceptual work, but we managed to sell it through and get the other agencies who were vying for the job to get on board.

More OOH, as if all that wasn’t enough...