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When HP bought Mercury for $4.5 Billion, their goal was nothing less than changing the information technology (In case you're wondering, that's what "i.t." stands for) universe. Goodby Silverstein was tasked with creating a campaign that would "make IBM shit blood." That was a direct quote from the client. Maybe that's why we used red instead of the traditional HP blue.
After two creative rounds, the client hadn't seen anything sufficiently aggressive yet, and demanded something worthy of Goodby's vaunted reputation.
Then I showed this idea, teasing the momentous event, and brains won over brawn. "Legedary" he wrote in an email to the entire team. If only this information technology giant had spell-check built into his email program.

Teaser >
Okay, so we created oodles of mystery with upside down "i.t." but where do you go from there? I sat with my partner wondering how to extend something so simple into explaining a much more complex offering, and then I had one of those "could that possibly work?!" flashes of insight: all the words our client loved to use had "it" in them. Flip it, add color, and suddenly a one-off becomes a brilliant, branded campaign.
So we plastered centers of high-tech commerce with the seeds of the idea.

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Animated banner >

The campaign was adopted by HP's other international agencies, producing viral ideas that carried the torch of the campaign around the world.
This is one such example of a viral, shareable banner that was done by DraftFCB using calling software that dialed the user directly from the banner ad.