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Five9 is an AI-powered tech company but wanted it to feel human. They had rising star PGA pro golfer Max Homa, around whom the idea was to be built. They had money for a real, live-action shoot. The insight was missing. Then, I totally got it.
I used ChatGPT to churn through hundreds of taglines, headlines, and scripts for fodder in crafting a social, digital, and broadcast campaign. Post shoot, I used Deepfake tech to change certain lines to extend the life of the campaign. You can probably tell which if you look close.

Max Homa should be the star, right? He’s the famous pro-golfer, right? That’s what 99.9% of agencies would focus on, but the real insight here came after I really drilled down into what Five9 actually does. They’re basically an AI call center that distinguishes itself by offering top-tier HUMAN support to their corporate clients. Well, that sounds like a Caddie to me. 
Developing the strategy took creative firepower, experience, and some help to churn through a bunch of bad ideas from ChatGPT. Asking it to write a rap song in the style of Biggie Small about how a call-center is like a great Caddie was enlightening.

We shot the work in a freakishly cold windstorm the likes of which hadn’t been seen for a hundred years in Arizona. Poor Max Homa was shivering the entire shoot. We had to turn one of the golf carts into a blanket-covered hot house for Max and Joe to recover in between takes.