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For decades, Crest would only use beautiful models with perfect teeth in their ads, so when I began working on the account, my instinct was to do the opposite, and Whitestrips were the perfect opportunity.
One of their most important claims was that they "grip" better, conforming to your teeth no matter the shape. I wanted to show that, and take it a step further by bringing Crest into modern culture of celebrating the things about our bodies that were previously sources of discomfort, self-consciousness, or shame.
Celebrities and Influencers famous for their imperfect smiles were the perfect messengers for #SmilePositive.

That is as true of crooked teeth as it is of body shaming people into dieting to conform to some idealized, impossible standard of "beauty".

Celebrating everyone's unique smile shape allowed us to authentically speak to a much broader audience who would otherwise think that their natural smile was so bad that it was a lost cause.

We wanted them to feel that their smile deserved care and should be shown off proudly, even if it didn't fit someone else's completely unrealistic standard of perfection.