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Integrated Media Campaign
The Brief: Use social, OOH, print, and ambient media to promote Schwab's ability to cash checks simply by snapping a photo of them with your smartphone.

Catch the Check : Social Media >
The Check-Man character would appear in major cities with a check for up to $1,000 as the front of his costume. Anyone catching sight could snap a pic and SMS the check to fund a new Schwab checking account.
Check-Man's appearances would be posted on facebook and twitter, but only moments in advance and with only oblique references to the exact location.

Billboard, Print, OOH & Experiential >

Live checks as magazine inserts, billboards, wild postings, etc. demonstrate the "Point. Snap. Deposit." capability by giving consumers a powerful incentive to actually try to capture a photo of the fattest check they could find with their camera phone and send it in via SMS to fund a new account at
Checks varied from $2.50 all the way up to one check for $25,000 that would appear only once for a single second on a digital billboard in Times Square at a secret time.

Catch the Check : Digital Media >
Online, if you were fast enough to point, snap, and deposit, you could cash the virtual check into a new Schwab account.