How does an iconic luxury car company transform itself into a fashion/entrepreneurial brand that just happens to make cars?

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Role: CD/ACD/Copywriter
As part of an international team, I was brought in to help lead the digital portion of the pitch. The silos on this job were tall and solidly built. The territories staked out by each office were inviolable. Nevertheless, as I worked on the digital ideas, my headlines crept into the print, and then my social interview content fueled a re-edit of the sole launch TV spot into 6 additional broadcast spots.
From re-writing Roosevelt’s famous speech to selecting the influencers and interviewing them, writing headlines, concepting (and shooting) TV, OOH, and experiential activations, I was lucky to be a part of every part of this campaign. For year two I created an interactive website design & copy, Virtual Reality Social posts, including writing and directing the case study with my partners, Alon Zouaretz. Yann Micuta and Roya Partovi, with ECDs Sabine Roehl and Carlos Figueirido, and Andy Bird as CCO.

Broadcast TV > Oscars Launch
This is the 20th pitch won over the course of my career (that's a .714 batting average).
The winning work launched a media blitz around the Oscars, featuring select entrepreneurs as the embodiment of Cadillac's new worldview, with provocative print and banners to drive traffic to #daregreatly.

Launch > Branded banners

Blanket coverage on the day before and during the launch, with takeovers, pre-roll and standard banners on every major brand-appropriate website across the U.S.

Steve Wozniak TV
This spot ran on network TV and reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube in 24 hours.

Jason Wu TV

Anne Wojcicki TV

Njeri Rionge TV

As part of the TV shoot, I interviewed the five stars of the spot. The resulting interviews proved to be a treasure trove of content that was used to create an additional 6 TV spots, 5 long-form interviews on social media, and multiple headlines.

Content > On Daring Greatly:Interviews > 

Steve Wozniak

Anne Wojcicki

Jason Wu

Njeri Rionge

Richard Linklater

Social banners

Pre-Launch > Unbranded Teaser
Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" speech ran with no attribution to Cadillac for a week in OOH before revealing Cadillac's brand, and all Cadillac properties (websites, banners, OOH) went blank the day before:

 > CT6 Bespoke Interactive

The launch of Cadillac's newest and most daring nameplate, The CT6, began with a bespoke take on selecting the right CT6 for you in the digital world.
We created an adaptive Rorschach grid for drivers to select the image that best represented their passions, their daring, and their soul, and based on that delivered a customized CT6, highlighting detailed features that fit their lifestyle and aesthetic:

XT5 > Interactive/Experiential
The adaptive Mondrian grid design was used across all of Cadillac’s media, from print to broadcast and interactive, can be seen here in SFO, as well as Times Square Billboards, Fulton Station, and many other grand concourses around the country.

CT6 > 360 VR
Part of the media driving to the Tailored CT6 experience was this 360 video which is best experienced on your phone or tablet, which puts you into the driver's seat of an Augmented Reality CT6 you reveal by moving the mobile device around you. Press PLAY to start and then tap/drag/click/tilt to look around:

Soho Flagship Store > Experience / Public Space / HQ
An important part of modernizing Cadillac’s image was uprooting the brand from the carcass of Detroit and its associations with legacy automotive sector. We convinced Cadillac to relocate the bulk of their operations to New York’s poshest spot: Soho. There, we brought to life a mixed-use space that showcased the sheet-metal while giving daily visitors (that topped 800/day) a space to relax, enjoy a coffee, and take in the artwork. It also served as an excellent semi-private event venue, with office space upstairs for the actual work employees and agencies had to create.

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