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"Afford To Be Bold" cast the world-famous discount department store Century 21 as the destination for the haute-est brands in fashion at up to 65% off what you would pay on 5th Ave.
To me, that meant you could feel free to over-dress for any occasion, and the client agreed.

Freelancing is a funny business. Like that time I worked ona pitch for C21 Stores, was thanked profusely the day before the presentation, and six months later saw my idea plastered all over a double-decker bus in midtown.
That's how I learned my idea had not only won the pitch but gone on to be produced as well. It was also nice to see the agency had done a decent job shooting it, which is like getting a triple-double in basketball. My idea was the basis for the website and digital ads as well. They shot TV, too, but I never got to see it.