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Freelancing at Barbarian, I got the chance to work on launching Bacardi Mango Fusion, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in digital advertising, experiential social technology, and a brand willing to take risks.

The launch of Bacardi Mango Fusion went off in style, starting with the Fusion Lounge in L.A.
The lounge event elevated sneaker art, showcasing one-of-a-kind rarities that wowed the attendees, custom-designed Mango-Fusion-themed Air Jordans by Mache Customs, a gallery of NBA player's tattoo art, and music made by scanning attendee's tattoos and converting the art to sound. The event culminated in Game 1 of a street ball tournament that went on to travel the country, yielding 225 Million ORGANIC impressions across all media.


The event was covered by all major hip-hop and basketball-focused media, and was supported by a deep Tumblr experience loaded with gifs, social interactions (#shelfies) and leading to a street-team basketball tournament.

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This interactive banner was a technological first; it reacted to the music you were streaming, with basketball/hip-hop/mango-fusion-inspired graphics that also animated to the beat.