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My partner, Bryan Houlette, and I were assigned the print, mobile, digital and experiential portion of Adobe's "Creative License" campaign. CD John Matejczyk and GS+P Founder –Rich Silverstein himself– gave us the opportunity to come up with incredible ways help people viscerally FEEL just how much power Adobe's Creative Suite puts at their fingertips.
We used the idea of a slider that the audience could operate to amplify or simplify the graphics on the actual ads themselves.
A 95-foot interactive wall was built in Union Square, NY and Piccadilly Circus, UK. The wall used infrared sensors to lock onto the nearest passersby and the slider followed. Animation and music built or receded as people walked forward, backward, hopped, skipped, danced or practiced karate in front of it.
Late night partiers used it for gatherings, and dancers from a local school used it as a backdrop for performance pieces.

As the campaign came to life, The New York Times covered the wall on the front page of the Business section. That article was the #4 most shared business piece. Coverage in Adweek, Shoot and the SF Examiner followed.
Creativity Online said: “…from online to the interactive wall…(the campaign) evokes an evolution from simplicity to complexity…it’s eye candy that’ll kill.”

Sales results proved eye candy could justify a premium.

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These page takeover banners announced the launch of Adobe CS3. In different ways, each animated to show how Adobe allowed you the Creative License you needed.
This first banner was programmed to responsively alter the animation in multiple ways, so that no matter how long the viewer watched, something new was always happening.

This second banner used two separate banners on a single page to communicate the "Creative License" message

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